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The Luigi Galvani Prize of BES

1. The Luigi Galvani Prize of BES is awarded every two years at the BES-Symposium to a scientist who has made an important contribution to the field of bioelectrochemistry.

2. Nominations can be made by individuals or institutions. Candidates are also allowed to apply on their own behalf. A scientist who has already been awarded the Luigi Galvani prize cannot be nominated or apply for this prize again.

3. Candidates should be under 49 years of age (on December 31st of the year before the corresponding BES Symposium or who have received their Ph.D. up to 20 years before the award are eligible to apply. Time taken for career breaks (up to a total of 2 years) can be added to the time under consideration.

4. The nomination/application and supporting materials, to be submitted to the Secretary General of the BES, should consist of:
(i) no more than 1000 words giving details of the relevant contribution of the individual
(ii) a letter summarizing the nominee's/applicant's qualifications, and at least two letters supporting the nomination/application
(iii) the curriculum vitae including honours previously received
(iv) a list of the 5 most significant publications of the candidate
Forms for the submission of nominations/applications are provided on the BES webpage.

5. The winner is expected to attend the BES Symposium where the award will be presented and to give the "Luigi Galvani Prize" lecture at the symposium, otherwise the Prize will not be given.

6. The prize consists of a certificate and the sum of 1500 EUROS, which includes a contribution towards travel expenses for the winner to attend the BES Symposium where the award will be presented, and presentation of the "Luigi Galvani Prize" lecture. BES will also pay for his/her registration and banquet fees.

7. A Prize Committee will select one candidate from the nominations/applications. The Prize Committee will consist of the President of the Society, who will chair the Prize Committee, and at least 4 BES members who will be elected by the BES Council 2 months prior to the forthcoming BES Symposium. BES members submitting any nomination will become ineligible for the Prize Committee. In case the BES President becomes ineligible, he/she will be replaced by a BES Council member, who will serve as the Chairman of the Prize Committee and whose name will be decided by the BES Council.

Financial aspects
Certificate, sum of 1500 Euro, and BES-symposium registration and banquet fees, all paid from BES funds.

Prize committee
The selection of the winner will be made by a committee organised and chaired by the President of BES.

Call for nominations for Luigi Galvani Prize of BES
Nominations/applications are invited for the Luigi Galvani Prize of BES – 2024.
The winner will be announced and presented at the biannual BES Symposium 2024, where the winner will give the "Luigi Galvani Prize" lecture.

The complete set of nomination has to be sent as e-mail attachment not later than 15 February 2024 and in accordance with the award rules to:
Prof. Edmond Magner

Nomination Form for the Luigi Galvani Prize of BES - 2024

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