Bioelectrochemical Society

Bioelectrochemical interfaces and mechanisms in science, medicine, and engineering

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The Bioelectrochemical Society (BES) is an international scientific association founded by Giulio Milazzo in 1979 to promote understanding and cooperation among scientists interested in the application of electrochemical concepts and techniques to the fundamental or applied study of living systems.

BES is a non-profit making organization. The Society is composed of individuals and corporate members in the following categories: regular, honorary.

BES pursues its objective using various means, including:

  • organising scientific meetings;
  • publishing scientific works in periodicals or other forms;
  • editing specialized periodicals;
  • editing specialized periodicals;
  • contributing to the development of a common language among scientists of the different disciplines involved in the (scientific, technical and applied) development of bioelectrochemistry, especially among the diverse groups interested in such aspects as energetics, pharmacology, medicine, etc.;
  • stimulating the establishment, among its members, of co-operative programs on particular subjects, especially interdisciplinary, and, if the need arises, assuring the management of international programmes of study or research.
  • attributing awards in the field of the Bioelectrochemistry.

BES is administered by a Council elected by the members of the society for a term of four years. Members of the BES Council may be chosen from all the categories of membership.
The current main scientific topics of the society are:

1. Electrified Biological Interfaces
2. Electrochemical Biosensors
3. Biomolecular and Cellular Electric Field Effects and Electroporation
4. Biofuel Cells and Bioenergetics
5. Electrochemistry of Membranes
6. Biomedical Electrochemistry
7. Photobioelectrochemistry
8. Electrochemical Biocatalysis
9. Microbial Electrochemistry
10. Biocorrosion
11. Electrochemistry of Biomimetic Systems
12. Fundamentals of Bioelectrochemistry
13. Methods of Bioelectrochemistry including Hyphenated and in situ Techniques "

Official Journal of the Bioelectrochemical Society